San Francisco, CA


It's an incredible opportunity to create a tangible feeling of unity and connectivity along our civic spine.

ILLUMINATE, the non-profit arts organization that brought you The Bay Lights, is presenting LIGHTRAIL.

Working with local artists George Zisiadis and Stefano Corazza, an extraordinary technical team, a range of city agencies, Mayor Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors, ILLUMINATE holds a major encroachment permit to install the artwork which runs nearly 2 miles, from One Market to Van Ness Avenue.

In addition, ILLUMINATE plans to retrofit the entire Path of Gold streetlights–from the Ferry Building to the Rainbow Flag–with new energy-efficient LED bulbs that will cut energy use by 80% while casting a better light on Market Street. The new LED light will be more flattering to the human face and built-environment than the highpressure sodium vapor “crime” lights installed in the 1970s.

The result will be a cleaner, greener, safer, more socially and culturally active and diverse Market Street.

The artwork has been permitted for four years, staying in place at least until the improvements of the City’s Better Market Street plan are selected and implemented. The cost to install the monumental artwork and retrofit the Path of Gold street lights is $12 million.

ILLUMINATE is committed to raising funds privately from the generous San Francisco community, with a special focus on those who make Market Street their home and a place of business.

Our driving hope is to raise funds and pledges during 2016 and install the artwork in time to mark San Francisco’s Summer of Love in 2017.

To discuss how you can show your support for LIGHTRAIL,
contact Vanessa Inn at